Introducing the Practice
Having been on both the client and attorney sides of the table, I know first hand what qualities a client wants in an attorney.
Clients want an attorney in whom they can have confidence - one who has the education and experience required to fully understand and effectively address the situation. 
Clients want an attorney
  • who has represented other clients in similar issues
  • who will listen to them and answer their questions
  • who will be a serious and credible advocate for their cause        
  • whose fees for services are reasonable
My goal is to be such an attorney for my clients.
How we charge for professional services
A fee may be charged for an initial in-person consultation conference where the client's situation is reviewed in a thorough manner.
Some types of matters are charged for based upon hourly charges and other types of matters are charged for based upon a fixed flat fee.
An estimate of an expected attorney fee may be presented to a client at the initial consultation conference.  By estimating a fee, a client will know what financial commitment is being undertaken and can budget with that in mind.
Here when living needs law.
Pamela L. Cone
Attorney at Law
A Professional Corporation
2031 North 36th Street
St. Joseph, Missouri  64506
At Beck Road Center
South of Beck Road
on the East Side of 36th Street
(Within the Office of 
Mary R. Scott, CPA, LLC)
Phone and Fax 
816 279 6611
Schedule a conference
by phone.
Conferences are by
pre-arranged appointment. 
Legal advice will be given during an in-person conference.
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